Friday, May 22, 2009

IPR : First Blood Part Two

I've been interested in the Sub Compact segment of the computer market before there was even the term "Netbook". It really started with the Apple Newton, then there was the libretto, then my interest resurfaced again years later when a director at my old job got a Sony C1 Picture book. I knew given enough time they would be the next "big" thing, no pun intended. My first hands on encounter with an ultraportable computer was the OQO Model 2. It was less than satisfying to say the least. But I did think it had its uses and its strong points. Never the less Im not shocked to hear that the company is entering the light. Its too bad when good ideas die and sometimes its worse when they partially succeed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Harry Potter and the Bastardly Biddings

Seriously worst experience Ive ever been through. Not so much because there is any danger of failure for us, or anything like that. Its because this process in my city pretty much consists of touring a house, placing a bid, and not even getting to step 2. Houses in my city are being bought CASH on the barrel head before they hit the market or within a day or 2. Its incredible, we put in a strong offer and lose days before the deadline because of a CASH offer. For all I know it could all be the same person. 1,000,000$ buys quite a few affordable houses in working class neighborhoods.