Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two toned the fuck down.

Well its been a month since I picked up my new bike. I love riding it around its easy and honestly the most fun Ive had with a vehicle in a while. But like any fucking thing else I do I cant leave well enough alone. I had to do something because the veiled S&M barbed wire theme was lame as fuck. So I added some white panels to break up the combo. I think it looks cool personally and I really like the sorta retro feel of the white panels. At first I really was begining to regret not getting the full white version of this bike, but now I really like the idea of making it my own. I dont really *want* a monochromatic bike, I like the contrast. Honestly if I had got the white one I would have replaced something on that to. Next trick is to actually rid my life of the "BOLD NEW GRAPHICS". Try to replace them with something a little more factory works team a little less X-treme Team.