Thursday, July 15, 2010

A public display of the sentance of the day

"Rodent drinking contests!"

Wow. Voles natures drunk, though I would say second only to bees.

and now a quote from the friend who sent me the link
5:09:~ ye old fortran$ yeah
5:10:~ ye old fortran$ i cant help but think it would be awesome to have a pet vole now
5:10:~ ye old fortran$ like a pet drinking buddy
5:11:~ ye old fortran$ i guess you already have molly lol

Molly is one of my cats. Shes a drinker, a beer drinker. She started out on wine... when she was a kitten she got curious and, I as a bad father/owner, I gave her a capfull... she did get drunk. Proper drunk, fell asleep and then had a hangover. You know whats funny and sad? A hungover kitten.

Now as a 12lb bag of bitch shes a proper drunk. She knocks over any open beer bottle and drinks it off the floor... I found this out while peeing and hearing the bottle hit the ground only to find my cat standing in the puddle lapping away. Again, drunkeness and hangovertude to follow. But this time she knew she liked it, began to cuddle, fell asleep wokeup about a halfhour later pissed off and attacked me. I didnt move and really did nothing but stroke her belly...

Smarmy is the word to describe a drunk cat.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Progenitor Ship looms...

Well again I decided to take a break from posting partially for personal sanity reasons and partially lack of time! Its been an extremely busy few months. Bradley classes for baby arrival sans intervention or coercion. Preparing in nearly every sense of the word. Spiritually, metaphysically, physically, staging and lighting. Its a very strange feeling going through such an all consuming process. Ive never been in pretty much any setting that requires more coordination of faculties.

So yeah. It's a happening. Baby gifts arriving. Wife expanding. Hair thinning.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Brave new World or How I set up the Bomb

Well it's bee an interesting few intervening months. Christmas happened. Then the New Year had the audacity to rear it's head. Body of a lion and all that. But between my last post and thanksgiving I spent some time in Austin. And I gotta say the hype is well deserved. I went and fully intended to "blog" my experiences. Upon arrival I saw the city met some people and decided I would take a break from blogging all together. It's weird but I did have some method. I was having such a good time that I thought my posts would have a rose tint. So I decided to wait a week after getting home to write about my experience, as to remove some of the bloom. But it didn't work. Then that week led to a few more. Still it remained, and my wife was late. You know, the "we gotta talk" late. So I suddenly had something even MORE consuming than my infatuation with Austin. So again I decided to wait. Then Christmas happened etc etc...

So here we are, the week after tax day, five months pregnant, poor and happy. I'm stressed about money. But happy!