Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Brave new World or How I set up the Bomb

Well it's bee an interesting few intervening months. Christmas happened. Then the New Year had the audacity to rear it's head. Body of a lion and all that. But between my last post and thanksgiving I spent some time in Austin. And I gotta say the hype is well deserved. I went and fully intended to "blog" my experiences. Upon arrival I saw the city met some people and decided I would take a break from blogging all together. It's weird but I did have some method. I was having such a good time that I thought my posts would have a rose tint. So I decided to wait a week after getting home to write about my experience, as to remove some of the bloom. But it didn't work. Then that week led to a few more. Still it remained, and my wife was late. You know, the "we gotta talk" late. So I suddenly had something even MORE consuming than my infatuation with Austin. So again I decided to wait. Then Christmas happened etc etc...

So here we are, the week after tax day, five months pregnant, poor and happy. I'm stressed about money. But happy!