Monday, October 13, 2008

Fashion 4 wheel drive

I was goofing off looking for collar stays and cufflinks, just kidding. I was goofing off on the web and found a picture of a very fashionable black superhero/banker. It made me think about what I choose to wear everyday, cargo shorts, t shirt, long sleeve button down rolled to the elbow. Its like a uniform. I pick it because it easier to decide in the morning if all my clothes look the same. 90% of the garments I own are earth tone or a variable shade of grey. When I get back to riding a motorcycle its going to force me to wear pants, and I'll be back to my Jeans/khaki cargo, button down, tan boots uniform. I think when that happens Im going to be happier about what I wear to work. Jeans are easier to dress up than shorts. Theres that saying "dress for the job you want", but who ever coined that never had to work; Carry, crawl, lift, or walk far on a hot ass day. I'll say this though, they are right.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The world is a big place.

Its weird but I was just wrapping up an assignment here at work, one that I totally diagnosed, repaired and gave instruction to a user remotely. They could have been anywhere (really they are across the street). I used to work doing video teleconference and while I thought it was neat I never really realized how interesting that was. I was connecting people literally half way around the world just so they could talk. It kind of dawned on me just now when I was goofing off on Flickr. I noticed that I had comments on pictures. Pictures I just snag from the web and stuff there because I like them, and random webpages can be volatile storage to say the least. Pictures I have no idea where they came from sometimes. And the comments just as anonymous. Possibly from half way around the world. Maybe Ive even heard their voice as a tech or participant on some random teleconference. In that spirit I looked at one of the commentators Flickr pages, and found this pic. It reminds me of a photo I took or a photography class. I like it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sweet Vid

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vero Elotes... the f'kn b'mb

I spent last sunday at the local swap meet. Scouring the various small mexican grocers for tasty treats. There are many variety of spicy mexican candy but as Im allergic to Mango, and I dont really like watermelon these are a perfect fit. You can keep grubby american kids away by telling them they are corn flavor, like fritos. You can keep wives away because they are spicey and dont get good until around the middle. AND they are hella cheap. I no espeaka espanole so I dont know what Vero Elotes means, but I would guess Very Awesome.

Nearly split...

wow, just watch it like 5 times...