Friday, October 10, 2008

The world is a big place.

Its weird but I was just wrapping up an assignment here at work, one that I totally diagnosed, repaired and gave instruction to a user remotely. They could have been anywhere (really they are across the street). I used to work doing video teleconference and while I thought it was neat I never really realized how interesting that was. I was connecting people literally half way around the world just so they could talk. It kind of dawned on me just now when I was goofing off on Flickr. I noticed that I had comments on pictures. Pictures I just snag from the web and stuff there because I like them, and random webpages can be volatile storage to say the least. Pictures I have no idea where they came from sometimes. And the comments just as anonymous. Possibly from half way around the world. Maybe Ive even heard their voice as a tech or participant on some random teleconference. In that spirit I looked at one of the commentators Flickr pages, and found this pic. It reminds me of a photo I took or a photography class. I like it.