Monday, November 9, 2009


I just recently got an iPhone. Its pretty sweet for a variety of reasons, maybe the most hyped, talked about, and coveted piece of tech Ive ever owned. I'm not much of a gadget junkie. In general I'm pretty indifferent to the swaying affect stuff like this has over my friends. But when my work provided blackberry started to show its age I decided to request an phone. So far its been pretty fun. Really just having a camera-phone again is nice but there are so many benefits I didn't realize. The exchange support alone is worth the price of admission. I'm not a huge fan of touch screen interfaces in general but I can put up with the bs touch keyboard for the large screen. Anyways I don't want to review the iPhone, I just want to mention that I'm more pleased than I thought I would be. And now that Ive "jail broken" my buddy, I think I'm more pleased.

While this isnt a netbook, I think now that Ive used it, it falls squarely into IPR domain.

I just started a "new" blog to try out Wordpress. This post is just duplicated there for now but Im really testing out their interface for possibly moving over there.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only the most diabolical Haters...

So I cant be the only person who cant stand, Mad Men, Twilight, Weeds, Hung, Sopranos, entourage, 99% of anything celebrity related, most "reality" TV, etc... seriously this must not be my time. I feel like a hater because all these shows that are "great" I think "suck". And the good shows that I like keep getting killed off. Heroes was strong, now its weak. Lost was strong, then weak, and Im not sure where the hell its stands now. Monk is in its final season, and Burn Notice feels like its winding down... Honestly Im surprised that Fringe, 30 Rock, and Parks & Rec. are still on the air. Im just glad they are back this season, and god bless us, Ultimate fighter is back on.

For your edification.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two toned the fuck down.

Well its been a month since I picked up my new bike. I love riding it around its easy and honestly the most fun Ive had with a vehicle in a while. But like any fucking thing else I do I cant leave well enough alone. I had to do something because the veiled S&M barbed wire theme was lame as fuck. So I added some white panels to break up the combo. I think it looks cool personally and I really like the sorta retro feel of the white panels. At first I really was begining to regret not getting the full white version of this bike, but now I really like the idea of making it my own. I dont really *want* a monochromatic bike, I like the contrast. Honestly if I had got the white one I would have replaced something on that to. Next trick is to actually rid my life of the "BOLD NEW GRAPHICS". Try to replace them with something a little more factory works team a little less X-treme Team.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SDCC09 : The great Con or The greatest Con ever.

So here we are the Tuesday after Comic Con. This is when I feel the impact that comic con has on my life the most. Not while Im there in my 13th hour of death march on the floor, or 6th hour waiting in line for a panel. When your in the moment rarely do you have to resources to reflect. And for me the Monday after I'm thinking about the Thursday and Friday of work I missed. But the Tuesday... ah Tuesday. Back in my daily rhythm. Time enough to plan and time enough to reflect. This years Comic Con was a beautiful mix of the insanity of the crowds from 07 but the content and vibe of 06... though this is my 14th year if I go any farther back my memory is tainted, like trying to remember childhood. I saw what I came to see, bought almost what I came to buy, and reconnected with those friends that I have come to only know in the context of Comic Con. Visited my favorite artists, and showed them their own works from years past in my sketch book.

This years Comic Con was one of anniversaries, 40th Comic Con, 50 years of Green Lantern, 25 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and 14th non consecutive year for me. Thats alot of comic con for someone who isnt a huge comic fan, video game player, or to be fair reader. But thats the beauty of "The Con" its got something for everyone. Really. You like art? Its there. Movies, music, comics, toys, celebrity, whatever, its there. How about Business, Economics, interview skills, there are panels where you can learn from literally the best in the business. How did Marvel pull itself from the brink to a leader, go see the panels on that. Its incredible. I try to explain it to people who have never been and its fruitless because they only see the nerds in the costumes, weird people who while having 0 interpersonal skills the rest of the year become extroverted maniacs during con. But that is such a small part of what Con is, but at the same time its exactly what its for. Con gives people who might not have an outlet a reason to get together and have fun. It gives companies literally first hand feedback from 4000 people at a time in real time. And it gives me an excuse to cut out of work to go walk around and have fun in the summer time. I spent 4 days with my wife, no work, no plans, just entertainment and each other. Its pretty much my favorite time of year. And if the preceding portion of this year is any indication it will be next years as well.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Riding the wheels off this bitch

So In the face of certain financial ruin, I bought a new motorcycle, economic downturn be damned. 8k worth of debt to risk my life daily. Its been a few years since I had a motorcycle, I loved my previous bike, the last of the UJM, the zrx1200r. 500 pounds, 1200cc worth of power and 5spds to get it down. Just as God intended. It was like riding an engine, because pretty much thats what was happening. My new bike is a completely different experience. The zrx could flirt with 160 with the faring, and 155 without. It literally punched a hole in the air. 325 pounds, 400cc thundering through 1 cylinder, and 5 spds ratioed to get the wheel up. Its not fast. Its a drz400sm. I can feel when I'm riding into the wind on the drz. Im no featherweight and the drz wheezes a bit getting me up to speed :P But I will say this, its easy to ride. It reminds me of the bike from my motorcycle skills course. Its tossable. I dont know how fast I could really go on the highway but honestly 65 is all I want anymore. Theres no reason to hit that extra 0. The only reservations I have are about the extra money leaving our account every month in order to pay for it. I have a problem with modifying things and Ive been shopping for parts and upgrades since BEFORE I pulled the trigger. Though in 60 months I will have said it was totally worth it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Logical Conclusions

So, I loved the Pride FC game, but of course like all good fighters there's a time to stop. Pride FC hit that around 2005... 4 fucking years later a GREAT follow up. I mean honestly I couldn't honestly ask for much more in a game. Both games have a create a fighter option, which I love. Pride FC was deep, but UFC Undisputed is deeper. So deep that it took me 2 days to make my character for career mode. The old game was pretty complex control wise, but UFC 2009 Undisputed is complexer. They have done a great job with the controls, though they are complicated they are also intuitive. Alot of the reviews say how complicated it is and that the game reqires some knowledge of the sport to play... I think they are missing the trick here, I think the UFC as an oganization, and by extension THQ, intend the moves and techniques to be a bit of a mystery to be solved and mastered. Probably in the hopes of fostering the vocabulary among the younger generations, thus seeding fans and fighters alike. My biggest complaint is the ground "reversals"... they are impossible to pull off for me.
One of the things I love about playing both games is that alot of the fighters are in both, Wanderlei is the axe murderer in both.

This is the logical conclusion. I loved the Pride FC game on PS2... it was easily my favorite sports game AND fighting game. But this new UFC game is the new Emperor. And judging from the sales and the plans for next years edition it wont be the last.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adam Carolla: Myth or Legend?

My wife gets an entertainment related magazine, I cant remember the name of it but its pretty cool. 40% in any given issue is content that I might be interested in, this last issue was something like the suggestions for summer somethings. Whatever, but in there was podcast. I happen to love podcasts, and they suggested Adam Carolla's podcast. Its great. The first one I listened to happened to be the newest episode, which had the Begleys. Great episode. Im going to listen to them as I can and as they come out but, pretty good stuff.

He was really my favorite part of "Love Line" and I love that hes just a blue collar dude, loves cars, and has his head on straight. Im really looking forward to this podcast going forward.

Friday, May 22, 2009

IPR : First Blood Part Two

I've been interested in the Sub Compact segment of the computer market before there was even the term "Netbook". It really started with the Apple Newton, then there was the libretto, then my interest resurfaced again years later when a director at my old job got a Sony C1 Picture book. I knew given enough time they would be the next "big" thing, no pun intended. My first hands on encounter with an ultraportable computer was the OQO Model 2. It was less than satisfying to say the least. But I did think it had its uses and its strong points. Never the less Im not shocked to hear that the company is entering the light. Its too bad when good ideas die and sometimes its worse when they partially succeed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Harry Potter and the Bastardly Biddings

Seriously worst experience Ive ever been through. Not so much because there is any danger of failure for us, or anything like that. Its because this process in my city pretty much consists of touring a house, placing a bid, and not even getting to step 2. Houses in my city are being bought CASH on the barrel head before they hit the market or within a day or 2. Its incredible, we put in a strong offer and lose days before the deadline because of a CASH offer. For all I know it could all be the same person. 1,000,000$ buys quite a few affordable houses in working class neighborhoods.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Harbor Freight Period

So on yet another trip to Harbor Freight, Americas Favorite Tool Store. I managed to buy some stuff just to make a new thing out of. Anyone whos worked on just about anything knows, once in a while you need to make your own custom tool. Shortening a wrench, bending something to make an S curve, or even welding 2 tools together to make a better tool. Well Harbor Freight is perfect for this. The tools are pretty much shit. Not in the classic, breaking everytime you need them way. But in the Not made of hardened steel to last forever kind of way. So its possible to bend or modify without destroying. Craftsman and Mac are great, Snap on are pretty much the best, and they are all expensive. HF tools are good enough quality and cheeeep. Perfect for a guy like me.

Now this brings me to my point. I watched this vid on Instructables a while back about making Noise *Blocking* headphones out of Jackhammer ear muffs. I said once my headset breaks Im going make a pair. I did. I took my old Sonys (good headphones to) and stuffed them into a set of 7$ 25db Jackhammer ear muffs. I look like a fucking retard, but man are the great. Better than any noise cancelling pair Ive ever used, 200$+ Bose included.

They are great because my office is just white noise from fans and computers and drives, its irritating and I think its damaging my hearing. These make everything awesome.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A long drive for a short trip.

Wow, heres my last 24 or so hours. Leave SD, drive through LA to Santa Barbara. at about midnight I was getting tired so we pulled into the nearest hotel. It was overpriced and a smoking room. Not awesome. The next morning we drove up to Solvang for what was my Wifes worst meal at "The Mustard Seed". Lucky for me it was only my 2nd worst. Besides the fact that Solvang felt like Main St at Disneyland it was boring. Then cruised around the area and went home. Stopped a few times to take in the scenery. The Oil Rigs out in the sea is a really cool sight. A few spots along the Railroad is beautiful. The trip itself was fun though. I wouldnt trade it for anything.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the waiting for Response

So yeah. Bid fucking placed. Listing agents On Fucking Vacation. Wait, what? Yeah on vacation. Who puts a submission deadline and their first day of a week long vacation on the same day? Rank fucking amateurs thats who. 2 agents, 2 vacations, 1 day. Its not a huge deal if they dont accept our offer. But its sorta time sensitive. We haven't stopped looking. We're not so foolish to pin our hopes on this alone. Unfortunately Easter, family issues in every direction, and now my wedding aniversary this weekend, will put us 2 weekends behind in the search. Thats kind of like running to Athens, and around 12 miles along Pheidippides realized he took a wrong turn.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harry Potter and the placing of Bid

So, last week we put a bid in on a house. I felt pretty good about the bid. The house is sweet, and the offer was strong. But even if they pick us, there's inspections. And if the inspections are not ideal, then were back at square 1. This process is stressful and frustrating. Having worked at Universities my entire adult life I brush bureaucracy off like Shawn Corey Carter. My wife on the other hand is on edge. It pretty much consumes her every waking moment. Most of the evening I just sort of diffuse her nerves and pick dinner. I don't get scared until its too late. It's pretty much a blessing and a curse.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mastodon and the Crack in the Skye

On the heels of my last post I figured I would say something about Mastodon. I just got their new album. I got it on iTunes, Im at work don't judge me. Its fantastic. Everything I love about Mastodon is represented, though some of the vocals do sounds a little off. Im not sure if its a style thing, a mix thing, or just them changing as people. Its not *bad*, just off on some tracks. The iTunes version I got has (Score) tracks, aka the Instrumental track. There is something to be said when an album removed of vocals can stand up like this. Its the Dennison of albums. Its available to the masses with little effort, it wont be as good as the Carol Shelby mix but its good. Yeah motherfucker thats a 2 chili reference.

Harry Potter and the status of Quo

So lately my life has been more or less in a static state. Not stagnate, static. My wife and I applied for a home loan around mid Feb, and its been a tiptoe through the tulips kind of month. Nearly every spare second has been pondering my future in a very real way. Babies, Houses, Taxes, Death, etc... They have a way of sucking the spontaneity out of nearly every interaction. Incredible what an unfocused mind cant accomplish. For a little over a month everything has become more difficult to approach. Work has been tainted because I cant focus. Home has become temporary proposition at best, and living in flux at worst. Even choosing dinner becomes exercise in tactical assault. Then yesterday the other shoe dropped. We are in for a penny in for thirty million pennies. Shopping for a home now begins in earnest and a real consequence that will last for up to 30 years...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fearless Flyers

I love gadgets and this shit is the jam

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Esoteric Pursuits

Dig a hole, fill it up.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Microsoft: 31 flavors

Wow, just when I thought Windows 7 could end all the shenanigans and possibly my ire at their OS I hear this : " Windows 7 to Ship in Multiple Versions?". WTF man. Pro and Home is like the limit, why more? I knew something was fishy when I saw that the beta was "Ultimate" but I was hoping that was their new marketing term for Pro... I guess I was wrong. Starter, what the hell version is that? Home Premium and Regular, what possible meaning could that have for a home user, its not gasoline. Business AND Ultimate... one must have that matte glossy finish I hear so much about. So goddamned irritating. Ive been really happy with this, and Im still honestly looking forward to it, but this is just stupid. I cant wait till I help a user here at work, or my Aunt, and its running Starter and has some obscure limitation that doesnt make any sense. I cant fucking wait! yay!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Natura abhorret a vacuo

Yeah its been a week since posting. I decided to take a few days to reflect on Windows 7 before I wrote about it. I thought for sure I would have some sort of fiendish encounter with a dll in a dark hallway, or random firebombing of crashes. Possibly just performance so slow, so infuriating that I would excise it from my machine like a tumor. Its a weird thing, being happy.
I don't have a lot more to say..
Pressure creates diamonds. And market pressure can force one out of even Microsoft.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

IPR : The Next Generation

Ive been wanting to try Windows 7 for a while, I kept hearing how great it was and everything but honestly I didn't buy it. I love my Wind more and more, but the real Albatross so far has been XP. Don't get me wrong, its not a total piece of shit. It ran *fine*, and unfortunately fine means good enough. At first it felt awesome, but as I used it more it got that slow windows feeling. Things taking a little longer every time to load. So when I saw jkOnTheRun's article about Windows 7 on the Wind. I figured it was time to jump. I had my Ubuntu partition and that was great but I need windows way too often at work to switch back and forth just to do small things. So I spent a few hours trying to put Windows 7 dvd image onto my thumb drive with my mac... which is futile to say the least. I just launched it from the XP side and it took about 25min, and update and a reboot later and all the drivers were set. it was honestly the easiest x86-os install Ive ever dealt with. A little spooky because installing the beta of this os is easier than XP. Honestly so far Im stoked. I mean its been a few days now so Im reserving judgement for a while. Also I'm not sure I buy the Linux will/will not crush Windows 7 on netbooks argument, I think the numbers one vs the other will stay about the same. I think most of that is just fanboys shouting to hear the echo.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Market adjustment

So usually I don't directly comment or respond to news articles I read. I think this article dances around the obvious factor Laptops are outpacing Desktops and Netbooks coming into their own. I think it has to do with the price and availability of broadband connectivity, more specifically wireless connectivity. I think this entire shift is driven by the resource, not the other way around. Starbucks had wireless in its locations before most, and since they did Laptop users flocked to them. I suspect this is the reason for the large smug clouds around Starbucks. Now that entire cities are either going wireless, or at the very least flirting with the idea, there is a REASON to carry around an extra 3 to 12lbs of shit with you everywhere. Sure the cost of laptops has dipped to fit nearly every budget, even mine. But I dont think that was a solid factor until there was something to do. And honestly I think thats where the rubber meets the road. That and asking computer salesmen in Taipei and "analysts" is just a shithouse way to operate. Salesmen sell things with high profit margins, and in a extremely crowded, completely connected city of course a laptop is more popular. And honestly most market analysts cant find their asses with both hands.

I do agree gamers and savvy users choose to build their own desktop rather than buy a brand for home use. But I also think too many businesses are getting swept up and buy laptops when desktops are a better choice. Portability is only useful when you need it, otherwise its a liability.