Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mastodon and the Crack in the Skye

On the heels of my last post I figured I would say something about Mastodon. I just got their new album. I got it on iTunes, Im at work don't judge me. Its fantastic. Everything I love about Mastodon is represented, though some of the vocals do sounds a little off. Im not sure if its a style thing, a mix thing, or just them changing as people. Its not *bad*, just off on some tracks. The iTunes version I got has (Score) tracks, aka the Instrumental track. There is something to be said when an album removed of vocals can stand up like this. Its the Dennison of albums. Its available to the masses with little effort, it wont be as good as the Carol Shelby mix but its good. Yeah motherfucker thats a 2 chili reference.