Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Microsoft: 31 flavors

Wow, just when I thought Windows 7 could end all the shenanigans and possibly my ire at their OS I hear this : " Windows 7 to Ship in Multiple Versions?". WTF man. Pro and Home is like the limit, why more? I knew something was fishy when I saw that the beta was "Ultimate" but I was hoping that was their new marketing term for Pro... I guess I was wrong. Starter, what the hell version is that? Home Premium and Regular, what possible meaning could that have for a home user, its not gasoline. Business AND Ultimate... one must have that matte glossy finish I hear so much about. So goddamned irritating. Ive been really happy with this, and Im still honestly looking forward to it, but this is just stupid. I cant wait till I help a user here at work, or my Aunt, and its running Starter and has some obscure limitation that doesnt make any sense. I cant fucking wait! yay!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Natura abhorret a vacuo

Yeah its been a week since posting. I decided to take a few days to reflect on Windows 7 before I wrote about it. I thought for sure I would have some sort of fiendish encounter with a dll in a dark hallway, or random firebombing of crashes. Possibly just performance so slow, so infuriating that I would excise it from my machine like a tumor. Its a weird thing, being happy.
I don't have a lot more to say..
Pressure creates diamonds. And market pressure can force one out of even Microsoft.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

IPR : The Next Generation

Ive been wanting to try Windows 7 for a while, I kept hearing how great it was and everything but honestly I didn't buy it. I love my Wind more and more, but the real Albatross so far has been XP. Don't get me wrong, its not a total piece of shit. It ran *fine*, and unfortunately fine means good enough. At first it felt awesome, but as I used it more it got that slow windows feeling. Things taking a little longer every time to load. So when I saw jkOnTheRun's article about Windows 7 on the Wind. I figured it was time to jump. I had my Ubuntu partition and that was great but I need windows way too often at work to switch back and forth just to do small things. So I spent a few hours trying to put Windows 7 dvd image onto my thumb drive with my mac... which is futile to say the least. I just launched it from the XP side and it took about 25min, and update and a reboot later and all the drivers were set. it was honestly the easiest x86-os install Ive ever dealt with. A little spooky because installing the beta of this os is easier than XP. Honestly so far Im stoked. I mean its been a few days now so Im reserving judgement for a while. Also I'm not sure I buy the Linux will/will not crush Windows 7 on netbooks argument, I think the numbers one vs the other will stay about the same. I think most of that is just fanboys shouting to hear the echo.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Market adjustment

So usually I don't directly comment or respond to news articles I read. I think this article dances around the obvious factor Laptops are outpacing Desktops and Netbooks coming into their own. I think it has to do with the price and availability of broadband connectivity, more specifically wireless connectivity. I think this entire shift is driven by the resource, not the other way around. Starbucks had wireless in its locations before most, and since they did Laptop users flocked to them. I suspect this is the reason for the large smug clouds around Starbucks. Now that entire cities are either going wireless, or at the very least flirting with the idea, there is a REASON to carry around an extra 3 to 12lbs of shit with you everywhere. Sure the cost of laptops has dipped to fit nearly every budget, even mine. But I dont think that was a solid factor until there was something to do. And honestly I think thats where the rubber meets the road. That and asking computer salesmen in Taipei and "analysts" is just a shithouse way to operate. Salesmen sell things with high profit margins, and in a extremely crowded, completely connected city of course a laptop is more popular. And honestly most market analysts cant find their asses with both hands.

I do agree gamers and savvy users choose to build their own desktop rather than buy a brand for home use. But I also think too many businesses are getting swept up and buy laptops when desktops are a better choice. Portability is only useful when you need it, otherwise its a liability.