Saturday, January 17, 2009

IPR : The Next Generation

Ive been wanting to try Windows 7 for a while, I kept hearing how great it was and everything but honestly I didn't buy it. I love my Wind more and more, but the real Albatross so far has been XP. Don't get me wrong, its not a total piece of shit. It ran *fine*, and unfortunately fine means good enough. At first it felt awesome, but as I used it more it got that slow windows feeling. Things taking a little longer every time to load. So when I saw jkOnTheRun's article about Windows 7 on the Wind. I figured it was time to jump. I had my Ubuntu partition and that was great but I need windows way too often at work to switch back and forth just to do small things. So I spent a few hours trying to put Windows 7 dvd image onto my thumb drive with my mac... which is futile to say the least. I just launched it from the XP side and it took about 25min, and update and a reboot later and all the drivers were set. it was honestly the easiest x86-os install Ive ever dealt with. A little spooky because installing the beta of this os is easier than XP. Honestly so far Im stoked. I mean its been a few days now so Im reserving judgement for a while. Also I'm not sure I buy the Linux will/will not crush Windows 7 on netbooks argument, I think the numbers one vs the other will stay about the same. I think most of that is just fanboys shouting to hear the echo.