Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Microsoft: 31 flavors

Wow, just when I thought Windows 7 could end all the shenanigans and possibly my ire at their OS I hear this : " Windows 7 to Ship in Multiple Versions?". WTF man. Pro and Home is like the limit, why more? I knew something was fishy when I saw that the beta was "Ultimate" but I was hoping that was their new marketing term for Pro... I guess I was wrong. Starter, what the hell version is that? Home Premium and Regular, what possible meaning could that have for a home user, its not gasoline. Business AND Ultimate... one must have that matte glossy finish I hear so much about. So goddamned irritating. Ive been really happy with this, and Im still honestly looking forward to it, but this is just stupid. I cant wait till I help a user here at work, or my Aunt, and its running Starter and has some obscure limitation that doesnt make any sense. I cant fucking wait! yay!