Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SDCC09 : The great Con or The greatest Con ever.

So here we are the Tuesday after Comic Con. This is when I feel the impact that comic con has on my life the most. Not while Im there in my 13th hour of death march on the floor, or 6th hour waiting in line for a panel. When your in the moment rarely do you have to resources to reflect. And for me the Monday after I'm thinking about the Thursday and Friday of work I missed. But the Tuesday... ah Tuesday. Back in my daily rhythm. Time enough to plan and time enough to reflect. This years Comic Con was a beautiful mix of the insanity of the crowds from 07 but the content and vibe of 06... though this is my 14th year if I go any farther back my memory is tainted, like trying to remember childhood. I saw what I came to see, bought almost what I came to buy, and reconnected with those friends that I have come to only know in the context of Comic Con. Visited my favorite artists, and showed them their own works from years past in my sketch book.

This years Comic Con was one of anniversaries, 40th Comic Con, 50 years of Green Lantern, 25 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and 14th non consecutive year for me. Thats alot of comic con for someone who isnt a huge comic fan, video game player, or to be fair reader. But thats the beauty of "The Con" its got something for everyone. Really. You like art? Its there. Movies, music, comics, toys, celebrity, whatever, its there. How about Business, Economics, interview skills, there are panels where you can learn from literally the best in the business. How did Marvel pull itself from the brink to a leader, go see the panels on that. Its incredible. I try to explain it to people who have never been and its fruitless because they only see the nerds in the costumes, weird people who while having 0 interpersonal skills the rest of the year become extroverted maniacs during con. But that is such a small part of what Con is, but at the same time its exactly what its for. Con gives people who might not have an outlet a reason to get together and have fun. It gives companies literally first hand feedback from 4000 people at a time in real time. And it gives me an excuse to cut out of work to go walk around and have fun in the summer time. I spent 4 days with my wife, no work, no plans, just entertainment and each other. Its pretty much my favorite time of year. And if the preceding portion of this year is any indication it will be next years as well.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Riding the wheels off this bitch

So In the face of certain financial ruin, I bought a new motorcycle, economic downturn be damned. 8k worth of debt to risk my life daily. Its been a few years since I had a motorcycle, I loved my previous bike, the last of the UJM, the zrx1200r. 500 pounds, 1200cc worth of power and 5spds to get it down. Just as God intended. It was like riding an engine, because pretty much thats what was happening. My new bike is a completely different experience. The zrx could flirt with 160 with the faring, and 155 without. It literally punched a hole in the air. 325 pounds, 400cc thundering through 1 cylinder, and 5 spds ratioed to get the wheel up. Its not fast. Its a drz400sm. I can feel when I'm riding into the wind on the drz. Im no featherweight and the drz wheezes a bit getting me up to speed :P But I will say this, its easy to ride. It reminds me of the bike from my motorcycle skills course. Its tossable. I dont know how fast I could really go on the highway but honestly 65 is all I want anymore. Theres no reason to hit that extra 0. The only reservations I have are about the extra money leaving our account every month in order to pay for it. I have a problem with modifying things and Ive been shopping for parts and upgrades since BEFORE I pulled the trigger. Though in 60 months I will have said it was totally worth it.