Friday, July 10, 2009

Riding the wheels off this bitch

So In the face of certain financial ruin, I bought a new motorcycle, economic downturn be damned. 8k worth of debt to risk my life daily. Its been a few years since I had a motorcycle, I loved my previous bike, the last of the UJM, the zrx1200r. 500 pounds, 1200cc worth of power and 5spds to get it down. Just as God intended. It was like riding an engine, because pretty much thats what was happening. My new bike is a completely different experience. The zrx could flirt with 160 with the faring, and 155 without. It literally punched a hole in the air. 325 pounds, 400cc thundering through 1 cylinder, and 5 spds ratioed to get the wheel up. Its not fast. Its a drz400sm. I can feel when I'm riding into the wind on the drz. Im no featherweight and the drz wheezes a bit getting me up to speed :P But I will say this, its easy to ride. It reminds me of the bike from my motorcycle skills course. Its tossable. I dont know how fast I could really go on the highway but honestly 65 is all I want anymore. Theres no reason to hit that extra 0. The only reservations I have are about the extra money leaving our account every month in order to pay for it. I have a problem with modifying things and Ive been shopping for parts and upgrades since BEFORE I pulled the trigger. Though in 60 months I will have said it was totally worth it.