Friday, June 26, 2009

Logical Conclusions

So, I loved the Pride FC game, but of course like all good fighters there's a time to stop. Pride FC hit that around 2005... 4 fucking years later a GREAT follow up. I mean honestly I couldn't honestly ask for much more in a game. Both games have a create a fighter option, which I love. Pride FC was deep, but UFC Undisputed is deeper. So deep that it took me 2 days to make my character for career mode. The old game was pretty complex control wise, but UFC 2009 Undisputed is complexer. They have done a great job with the controls, though they are complicated they are also intuitive. Alot of the reviews say how complicated it is and that the game reqires some knowledge of the sport to play... I think they are missing the trick here, I think the UFC as an oganization, and by extension THQ, intend the moves and techniques to be a bit of a mystery to be solved and mastered. Probably in the hopes of fostering the vocabulary among the younger generations, thus seeding fans and fighters alike. My biggest complaint is the ground "reversals"... they are impossible to pull off for me.
One of the things I love about playing both games is that alot of the fighters are in both, Wanderlei is the axe murderer in both.

This is the logical conclusion. I loved the Pride FC game on PS2... it was easily my favorite sports game AND fighting game. But this new UFC game is the new Emperor. And judging from the sales and the plans for next years edition it wont be the last.