Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Le Samourai

I just watched Le Samourai. Its easily one of the best movies Ive ever seen. but I really have to be in the mood to watch it. Im pretty sure its a classic, but honestly what drew me to it is the Citroen DS is pretty prominent in the very begining. Theres a really awesome car theft/key scene that I really enjoy. I really suggest anyone interested in anything to see it. Unless you hate subtitles, I dont think it would work dubbed :)

its the last good day of the year...

Well its the last day of the year. I'm at work. Finishing stuff that I should have done last week I guess. :)
A cursory google search gave me this.

its pretty cool

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

I have 2 Boots

So over the weekend I put Ubuntu on my Wind. It honestly went suspiciously smoothly. I went for Pho with my friends, went to my buddies house, bummed a usb stick from the other. Loaded Ubuntu onto the stick with unetbootin... which was awesomely easy. Booted it, installed it, the only sticking point being to setup wireless. Last night I setup my data partition to mount on boot and a few other tweaks and its hot fire.

Oh and takes backwards shots :P

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The littlest computer named Wind

Ive had my computer for a little over a week now and so far, its f'n sweet. Its snappy and easy to use. The screen is very nice and bright. I was most worried about the keyboard since I never got to try typing on one. Honestly its great. I would say so if it wasn't. My right pinky finds the "." very easy, but the double quote as it turns out is a tad hard for man hands :) My only real complaint is that I tap the touch pad too easily/often when Im typing and mess myself up. And really thats just a habit because I usually leave tap off, but I like to use it on this machine.
Newegg was super easy to deal with and the computer and my accessories came right on time. I got a Logitech Nano mouse and even thats worked out great. Overall this has been an extremely positive experience and honestly I was expecting a tad more drama. In fact I did this post on it.
The Obligitory Netbook on Macbook shot. But the funny part is I took this with my Macbook Pro.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inverse Penis Relation : My First Taste

This is yet another post about Netbook/sub-laptop/ULPC/Etc... With a twist. Ive been interested in these for a while... But this is the first time I was actualy serious about buying one. I set these little goals for stuff like this. When it was my LCD TV is was 42", 1080p, and 1000$, when those conditions were met I would buy one, and I did. This time it was the Netbook. When I could get 10" screen, 1gb ram, 80gb+ HD, less than 400$ I would consider buying. I hoped the prices were around there this holiday so first I went around and shopped in person. I tried to find every one I could in person. I went to Frys and played with the Lenovo s10, Acer Aspire One, and the ASUS EEEPC. The Lenovo won, but not hands down. For starters the mouse buttons were in the right spots under the track pad, and it felt solid like my t42. The EEEPC felt cheap like a toy. But the Aspire onewas a serious close second, even with the weird button placement and was the right price. I looked at the HP 2133 and Dell mini 9 at the campus bookstore. I wasn't impressed. The HP's screen was too small, and I just didn't like the disk selection of the Dell. The only ones that I was considering that I couldnt get my hands on were the MSI Wind and the Samsung NC10.

So since I wasnt stoked on the ones I could get to, I decided to just take the plunge based on the price and reviews. I bought a Netbook on the first.

Now since this is December you might think I mean 12/1/08 ; but I don't. I mean the first Monday after "Black Friday"... "Cyber Monday". What the fuck is this! Ive worked in IT since 98 and Ive never heard of "Cyber Monday", its a made up shopping day like Secretaries day and Valentines... just kidding I love fake outrage. Actually it was pretty sweet, I was shopping the "Black Friday" sales for a netbook and it turns out "Cyber Monday" is a much better day for computer related items... I found some decent prices on Amazon, but as we all know I cant do that again, its not fair to my family, friends, and most importantly me. I went to Newegg and found a MSI Wind for 299$ after rebate. Not too shabby. And as it turns out the machine I ended up getting was a "Black Friday" sale that ran or was extended through "Cyber Monday"