Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The littlest computer named Wind

Ive had my computer for a little over a week now and so far, its f'n sweet. Its snappy and easy to use. The screen is very nice and bright. I was most worried about the keyboard since I never got to try typing on one. Honestly its great. I would say so if it wasn't. My right pinky finds the "." very easy, but the double quote as it turns out is a tad hard for man hands :) My only real complaint is that I tap the touch pad too easily/often when Im typing and mess myself up. And really thats just a habit because I usually leave tap off, but I like to use it on this machine.
Newegg was super easy to deal with and the computer and my accessories came right on time. I got a Logitech Nano mouse and even thats worked out great. Overall this has been an extremely positive experience and honestly I was expecting a tad more drama. In fact I did this post on it.
The Obligitory Netbook on Macbook shot. But the funny part is I took this with my Macbook Pro.