Monday, June 30, 2008

Of things and not things, real and imagined.

Its been a little while since I last posted, not much of real consequence had happened in the intervening 2 weeks. Though not to say uneventful. I was once again BURNED by fucking Amazon, and then by a store in their marketplace... So I ordered my 4e book gift set. Its a nice idea, and an amazing price for the books... so of course I got fucked sideways. I pre-ordered from Amazon proper, and was satisfied with the outcome. Then launch day came, and my shipping date estimate jumped a full month.
OK, so I look in their marketplace to find someone who could ship immediately and had it in stock. Having found Comics-Now, I cancel my original order, and buy from these fuckers with expedited shipping. So then I wait, then I wait, and wait. Nothing. Not an email saying it has shipped, not an update to my order info, I contact them with a polite request for a tracking number. Nothing, no response of any sort. My delivery date comes and goes. Nothing. I email 4 more times, to no response. WOW really? yarly. I contact Amazon for my refund, citing I have had 0 contact from these fuckers and my date has passed. Then I get this email from Comics-Now,
I just tracked your package in the warehouse, and the USPS has not scanned
it since it left the main USPS sorting facility in Greensboro, NC.
This may mean that the package has been lost in their system. Do you
want us to issue a refund to you, or expedite another shipment out to you?
Please let me know. Thank you!

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Thank you for your business!
fuck them. So now I don't have any books. Worst of all, I knew in my heart this would happen. Ive only had 1 order out of 8 from Amazon come off without a hitch. Its pretty irritating to say the least.
Oh and the official DND miniatures suck donkeydick. lol
3 Cheers for Reaper miniatures.