Sunday, July 6, 2008

He who will not economize will have to agonize.

This has been a very eventful 4th of July weekend for me. Oddly enough without the patriotism or fireworks of most Americans. This might be honestly the first year I haven't seen fireworks, or done something to mark the day. Eventful nonetheless. Friday, I played DnD, with my friends. its was really quite fun. I really like role playing games with my friends, its just as much about hanging out but at the end the game is fun to. We all leveled and it was pretty great time. Got home pretty late from a hard night of nerding it up. Saturday I bought a new bicycle. I live criminally close to my new job. And I was carpooling with my wife. I felt like a lazy sod because I live about 4 miles, nearly close enough to walk, but carpooling just worked out. I had a nice bike that I had intended on commuting on but it was stolen about a year ago. The irritating part was that it was a really nice older Gary Fisher and I was waiting to get something comparable to it. But Im po'. Long story short, I ran into an old friend who happens to work at a bike shop. I was able to get a Trek 4500, with a nice seat, and road tires for a really great price. Its very much like my Big Sur but new and nicer!

I was goofing off and I found this video. Its cool.