Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them." -Asimov

At this point in my life I pride myself on watching less tv now than ever, but I seem to get MORE content into my head. Praise my mechanical overlords. Over the course of a typical day, I read 15-30 news articles or editorials, watch at least 15 30sec to 5min videos of entertainment/news, and watch about 2 hours of actual TV broadcast. Videogames fall in at about 1-2 hours depending on whats going on, in game and IRL. As I get older I'm less and less informed by local news. When I was younger we had a mandate in social studies class to watch our local KUSI news and write a editorial by every wed morning about some topic from the Tuesday broadcast, Gold Stars literally hung on A line. I was well informed about what was happening in my city because of it. Looking back my teacher was a genius. But as Ive gotten older I realize that local news just isn't enough. For the past few years I'm a strict national news junkie. I flip between MSNBC/CNN in the morning, local for traffic. And I watch BBC World News : America at night. I catch the previous days Daily Show, and Colber(t) Repor(t) at lunch in between Fark sessions while I work. I find my way into pretty much 90% of the worlds news the day it happens. For me thats pretty good. I don't always agree with the coverage and editorial but I like knowing what people think and hearing the drumbeat.

Anyways I just thought I should share what I just watched during lunch. I had heard the name George Will before. I knew who he was in so much as he was a conservative pundit. I myself lean left on most issues. But moving on, I just really enjoyed this little talk. Honestly I don't know where Stephen Colbert falls between right in left but I just love watching Stephen Colber(t) get handled.