Monday, April 20, 2009

Harbor Freight Period

So on yet another trip to Harbor Freight, Americas Favorite Tool Store. I managed to buy some stuff just to make a new thing out of. Anyone whos worked on just about anything knows, once in a while you need to make your own custom tool. Shortening a wrench, bending something to make an S curve, or even welding 2 tools together to make a better tool. Well Harbor Freight is perfect for this. The tools are pretty much shit. Not in the classic, breaking everytime you need them way. But in the Not made of hardened steel to last forever kind of way. So its possible to bend or modify without destroying. Craftsman and Mac are great, Snap on are pretty much the best, and they are all expensive. HF tools are good enough quality and cheeeep. Perfect for a guy like me.

Now this brings me to my point. I watched this vid on Instructables a while back about making Noise *Blocking* headphones out of Jackhammer ear muffs. I said once my headset breaks Im going make a pair. I did. I took my old Sonys (good headphones to) and stuffed them into a set of 7$ 25db Jackhammer ear muffs. I look like a fucking retard, but man are the great. Better than any noise cancelling pair Ive ever used, 200$+ Bose included.

They are great because my office is just white noise from fans and computers and drives, its irritating and I think its damaging my hearing. These make everything awesome.