Monday, October 13, 2008

Fashion 4 wheel drive

I was goofing off looking for collar stays and cufflinks, just kidding. I was goofing off on the web and found a picture of a very fashionable black superhero/banker. It made me think about what I choose to wear everyday, cargo shorts, t shirt, long sleeve button down rolled to the elbow. Its like a uniform. I pick it because it easier to decide in the morning if all my clothes look the same. 90% of the garments I own are earth tone or a variable shade of grey. When I get back to riding a motorcycle its going to force me to wear pants, and I'll be back to my Jeans/khaki cargo, button down, tan boots uniform. I think when that happens Im going to be happier about what I wear to work. Jeans are easier to dress up than shorts. Theres that saying "dress for the job you want", but who ever coined that never had to work; Carry, crawl, lift, or walk far on a hot ass day. I'll say this though, they are right.