Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It is clearly a Precipice; it's dark, and slippery.

We're here people, its the launch day of On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness! Heres a nice interview, skip to ~13min in to pass the M$ propaganda and to get to the meat. There is a sweet comment about the cost. And I cant agree more. 20$ is not too much for a complete RPG game, with a customizable player character, AND primal evil as your foe.
Now that I have a 360, Ive been presented with a choice. The choice to purchase On the Rain-slick for my PC, my Mac, or my 360! Its a VERY difficult choice on paper, I have all three, they are all capable. But in real life? 360. Its almost not a choice at this point Ive been looking forward to this type of RPG, for my 360, in a setting I like... I like playing those with a controller. Mouse and click is great but there was a glut of those during my childhood, and I'm over it. The "Leisure Suit Larry" interface holds very little appeal for me at this point. But holy hell. I'm excited.
Also you can demo Precipice of Darkness : Episode 1, here for Mac/Linux/PC. It's tempting to download it here at work and play... I'm not sure if my scruples will allow that. Or my boss.