Thursday, May 29, 2008

Those who are resolute have only one thought

When I heard about a new Super Dodgeball game for my DS I was ecstatic, elated, filled with joy even. After all it was 1/3 the reason that I picked a DS instead of the PSP; Tecmo bowl, and touch screen being the other 2/3rds. Super Dodgeball was my favorite game on NES. I liked that you could start and stop on a whim. It was fast paced, and most importantly fun. The art fit the game perfectly, its a simple game, pick up ball, throw at other team, catch ball, throw at other team, etc. With simple graphics. Which is nice because really the NES could barely hold its shit together with what its modest requirements. The flickering was so bad at times it became a feature. Its a feature that allows you to use the force to detect when the ball was thrown and when to catch. It was fun. So fun in fact, that I bought the GBA version, just to chase the dragon. Which is a decent enough game, the graphics are nice and not terribly complex, the game play is very true to the original, and its fun. It even added a new feature to call your teammates to run up to cool combos. But it lacked the charm of the Kunio style. Gone were the River City Ransom style characters and Frankenstein foreheads... sad. They went the way of the X-treme cheeto, all backwards ball caps, safety gear and sunglasses.
Thankfully thats changed, in the new Super Dodgeball Brawlers. The graphics aren't a direct rip from the NES game. They are improved, the next permutation of the Kunio style and it looks great. The game play is fun to, just the right amount of extra bullshit to excuse the delay but nothing obtrusive. You have the option to turn off some of the new features like punching and kicking, but they are good additions in my opinion. Keeps you on your toes. The one drawback is the teammate call feature from the GBA title is gone. Not a huge loss but I guess since its a different company there might have been some issue with that. The customization of a unique team is neat and the items add a little flavor. I haven't tested it yet but I think cart-less multi player is a feature and thats sweet since it supports 8 player multi player. Over all Im really happy with this game, it could have been a direct port flaws and all and I would have been happy. But this is like sweet icing on the awesome cake.