Monday, September 8, 2008

Near Dark

This was one of those movies I had seen on tv or HBO when I was a kid, and I was goofing off on HULU this morning and saw that it was there. If you havent seen it, I suggest it, and If you have, I suggest watching it again.

I really liked Near Dark, its a B movie sure, but its well thought out, low on the effects, and oddly compelling. The idea is awesome for the setting and the characters are sweet. But one of my favorite things about this is the other movies these same actors were in, its like playing 6 degrees during this movie, theres a load of minor character actors. Lance Henricksen (Jesse), Bill Paxton(Severn), and Jenette Goldstein(Diamonback) were all in Aliens together and Adrian Pasdar (Caleb) and James Le Gross (the guy from the bar) where in SolarBabies! I just thought it was cool. lol