Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It is in fact, electric boogie woogie wooogie.

My friend showed me this guy who made an electric Z car. It was cool. During the olympics Chevy was pimping the hell out of the Volt. Honestly it worked. Im super interested in an electric car now. Not just like wow thats neat, or wow that'll be cool when I can buy one. But Im seriously considering converting my Datsun to electric. The cost isnt that much in the long run, maybe 9k, a KA motor, for example, installed is about 4k. It seems like most of the cost will be in the form of batteries, the motor is oddly inexpensive, and the rest of the components dont seem to be made of unobtainium. Dropping the gas tank and building a cage for batteries sounds cool. Dropping the 2 liter and selling it off for a couple hundo sounds cool. Slotting in a cool looking weird cylinder for an engine sounds like the fucking future.

Im not super green person, I do care about the environment but I honestly dont give a shit 99% of the time. Its a shame but its true. For me if I can get my gadget fix and not pollute thats a bonus not a reason. But maybe if I do it, and have super fun, maybe someone else who doesnt care will give it a shot.

But honestly the benefit of being that fucking guy on the block with an electric Datsun is priceless.