Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mike Vallely : Great Skater, or Greatest Skater

So I was goofing off a little bit today at lunch and wanted to watch some Mike Vallely skate vids on youtube. So I did. Hes my favorite skater by far. I dont know much about skateboarding, Ive always sucked real bad at it, so I dont know much about the names of the tricks or styles. Something about his style really is awesome to me. I like the weird jump of the board with one foot kick something tricks. so cool to me. Maybe its a generational thing hes a older than me, and I remember when Gleaming the Cube was in the theater. I think what it is is when I was a kid the older cool skater guys were doing tricks like he does, only hes way better. So I guess for me the old tricks are the best tricks.

1:35 in this video is the coolest trick ever. Im just gonna kick this board out, spin it, run behind it, and step back on like its easy. Its just amazing.

I just saw this to, Im gonna check it out.

Protip: Thanks to wikipedia I just found out Mike V was in Gleaming the Cube... now I have to go watch it again! Probably in the scene where they all meet up and jump in the back of the pickup.