Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mac's only get easier

Today while I was working on migrating a users data from one Windows PC to another, I began reminiscing about migrating my last Mac user. Apple really can't make it much easier. Its a tad slow in the start but its really working well from Tiger -> Leopard. A helluva lot better than it did from |X| -> Tiger. Anyways while this is going on and I'm reading disjointed conflicting opinions on Fark, I get a call from one of my users. She wants me to go to her house and help her set up some new Mac stuff she just bought. A cinema display, laptop, and a "Time Capsule". I was intrigued by the "Time Capsule" when I first heard about it. But I haven't played with one yet. I look at the documentation and it looks pretty goddamned easy to setup. So I told my user how I think it works and to try just, plugging it in. If I'm right, I think she'll be ok, until she needs to get data out.

On a side note, fuck Windows PC's are hard to migrate users from. Nothing automated, nothing universal, nothing simple. Just about anyone who can read the prompt can migrate a mac in a matter of minutes and it would "just work". My mom's tried to migrate Windows laptops, and lets just say, it didn't go so well.