Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A public display of the sentance of the day

My friend and I chat on the google most of the day, everyday. As we're waiting on the bar to hit the end for whatever reason, usually money. And we also surf the web and shoot each other links. Lately his have all been lolcats, I cant complain they are great. But every so often one of us will come across the "sentence of the day". It usually comes across as a statement because rarely is it a complete sentence. For example yesterday the "SotD" was, "...mechanically attached a liquid fuel rocket to a solid axle...".

I liked it because in and of itself it makes you reread it and try and put it together. "...mechanically attached a liquid fuel rocket to a solid axle..." What could it mean, is it some random snip it from some steampunk related commentary? Could it be some random oddly translated specification for the Turkish space program? What about just some good ol' science fiction?

I know where it came from, I found it yesterday for our little tête-à-tête. But when I read it I hear the words, in the voice of Tom Waits, "Whats he building in there..."

Turns out its a mid 60s harebrained scheme to make a fast car faster. As luck would have it, too much of a good thing is usually the best way to go out.