Wednesday, April 30, 2008

With affection beaming out of one eye

Probably my favorite artist and possibly the only noted pop artist, if I were of means, I would be interested enough in to buy an original of. Roy Lichtenstein. I was goofing off trying to find a desktop of an interesting piece when I found this site, Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein. I had seen some of the "original" panels that he based a piece on before, but I have never seen so many side by side. I'm going to put a little comment about which I like better, "Original" or "original", just because its fun to think about. These 3 are, some of my favorites represented on Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein.

This had always been one if my favorites, I loved the detail on the eye, and the muzzle flare leading off the edge of the image. I think without context, I really feel whats happening in the Lichtenstein. The original has 2 people, so not a "lone gunman" theres less courage, cowardice, or calculation implied. And the cloud around the "CRAK!" being the same color as the earth makes it look like shes surrounded, or at the very least so concealed that the dust has been kicked up from the flare. Pretty cool stuff. Lichtenstein +1

This is another I liked because Lichtenstein frames the picture frame prominently but the woman is looking past it, like shes speaking to someone, always struck me like a honeymoon morning. Just that whatever is important enough to be framed on the bed stand is of less value than the focus of her attention. The original is sad to me. Waking up first thing and saying, Good Morning, Darling, to a photo. Like they are dead, or so far away that normal means of communication is impossible. So lonely. For me both are very successful. Draw!

I had never seen this original and I think it communicates terror, and urgency. Its terrifying in a way. He looks like a boy, prominent knuckles, theres a mine in the foreground, and seemingly surrounded by explosions. Furiously digging an mine from the earth with a knife. The tension is built from every angle. The Lichtenstein, I just thought it was interesting, because it made me wonder what's he doing? Clouds, maybe dawn or dusk, belly down and sweating. I used to think crawling under the wire for some sort of escape, or recon mission. With no weapon featured I immediately assume a non-combat or non-confrontation situation. Now having seen the original, this looses so much for me. Weird how it can change my mind; its so shapeless having seen the source. I can only compare its faults with the successes of the original. Though Lichtenstein's unseen, and unstated tension is well done. Original +1