Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cache, Color, and Cable or Prizes, not both

Well it has been done. I picked up a xbox360 last weekend and I think I've made the right choice. While I was at the game shop, I plopped down a few bills on a GTA4 and Wii Fit preorders. I figure when I get GTA4 I'll have a good reason to need Live. One thing that kinda had me comfused was the actual differences between the versions. Elite, Pro, and Arcade respectively. The Elite is Elite for very quantifiable reason, back when 2/3rds of all 360s were fucking garbage. They were the shining example of quality control, and it comes in black, and a bigger drive, and a HDMI cable, and thats fucking it for an extra 150$. The Pro which is the basic, entry level time waster. At this point in its genesis it has "the good heat sink" a respectable HD capacity, and identical specs otherwise to the Elite. And the other side is the "Arcade" which to me sounds like a boon! The Arcade version of any game system should be the fucking bomb. Instead, its stripped down and shitty. Really if it wasnt for the crazy prices of accessories its the best deal, but M$ can set the goddamn price. So we went with the Pro, solid, does everything, I have an HDMI cable, and dont give a shit otherwise. We picked up Rock Band when we got the machine. I've played before and its cool. Fucking cool. The tattoo system is time well spent. The instrument customization is awesome. The clothes are a little shitty, but really just a style that I'm not a fan of but again the color choices make it good. But the hair looks like fucking play-do fun factory. There is no redemption for that. This game is awesome though, I was a big fan of Guitar Hero 3 on my Wii, but the wife... the wife loves her some fucking Rock Band. She is getting pretty good at the singing. We started a band called "Rhymenocerous", just straight bit from The Flight of the Conchords. I think they're cool with it. I play guitar IRL, but I'm decent because of GH, but this fucking game keeps telling us to raise our level or we wont get fans; when we do bump the level we suck dick, hard. Bad. Now shes gone from easy to medium to hard in 2 days singing, and Ive gone from medium to expert... fucking expert. Bullshit. The weirdest part was we were failing at a significant percentage at the lower levels so I'm not sure where the impetus comes from to force advancement. But thats ok, its fun to play games with my wife so, sink or swim motherfucker.