Thursday, April 10, 2008

V is for Videogame

Videogames are something I hate and love. I love console games because I rarely like to get involved for more than 30 min at a time. I have a Wii, and its great. Loads of fun, the games I have are kinda duds but its ok, Virtual Console has saved the day. Increasingly Xbox360 seems to have the games I want to play, at the resolution my tv supports. Rock band, DLC is only on 360. Halo, obviously. Loads of other games, even Burnout is better. That sort of leads me to, buy a Xbox360 and be happy with videogames. On the other hand I'm opposed to Sony on principle. You know theres a problem when Microsoft represents the "little guy"...

On the PC front I more or less gave up. I'm tired of being forced to upgrade my computer ad infinitum just to play games. I want to play another deep MMO like Star Wars Galaxies but I just dont think its going to happen. I want a depth that just doesnt exist it seems outside of that game, So I quit. I stopped upgrading my computer, and stopped buying games. Overall its worked out great with one glaring exception, fucking Orange Box. I want it so bad. But then I heard it was on 360, but not as good? But I dont have a 360, I have a PC, and its going to cost more than the price of a 360 to get up to task... you see my predicament. Do I upgrade and participate or do I buy a 360 and player hate. Turns out I'm one of the most diabolical haters.
This game Battlefield Heroes, and Penny Arcade - Rainslick*, have made my decision. Cheap, non-computer intensive fun games for PC. This way I can play a game that is fun without upgrading my computer and get a 360. I really think this is the best solution for a number of reasons. My wife wants Rock Band in a bad way. And this might be the best way for me to talk my wife into buying an Xbox. Shit if only the decision to have kids was this easy. I guess this is the equivalence of playing with someone else's kids until they shit their pants, handing them back and driving off in my Ferarri. Shit yeah. Ferarri! I think it will work out well. Now if only Micr$oft would get their head out of their ass and just bundle wireless with the damn thing. Assholes. 100$ for a 30$ part. I'll show them, I'll buy a linksys and set it up as a ap and just bump network wireless back to my router for 50$ and have network in my living room. Diabolical.

*Penny Arcade - On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness